Head of Agile Technologies in the Baltics

We are looking for a strongly motivated, technically hands-on and hard-working leader to play a key role in our Agile Delivery Unit and provide leadership and guidance across all Agile and Functional Teams in IT on tools/technologies.

We expect you to have in-depth experience in a range of Agile technologies covering the setup/configuration of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment and its associated tooling for Source Control, Build, Test and Deployment; with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build an end-to-end deployment pipeline, and a good understanding of how to architect a CI environment that serves multiple SCRUM teams, in various configurations.

Luminor’s ambition is to redefine banking

Luminor was established in October 2017 through the merger of Nordea’s and DNB’s Baltic operations. We are the 3rd largest banking group in the Baltic countries with 1.3 million customers and EUR 13bn in assets. Our core business is to serve entrepreneurial people and local companies in the Baltics. Our ambition is to create a new generation bank that will help our customers move forward and make things happen for them. Therefore, we are looking for you – a strongly motivated technology guru with the willingness to rewrite existing banking practises.

Key responsibilities:

  • You have a sense of “what good looks like” for the setup of Agile technologies and can provide direction in the choice of tooling – helping to steer decisions around what tools will be common across Agile teams, and which can be chosen on a team-by-team level – ensuring we have standards where consistency is required, and autonomy where its practical;
  • You will work with a small team of people reporting functionally to the IT Operations Department – to provide direction for the Agile Teams, ensuring they have the necessary development environments set up and working efficiently with the right technologies;
  • You will work with relevant counterparts from IT Design and Development department, to ensure efficient use of development tools and methodologies, seeking to implement Continuous Integration/Delivery principles where possible – making recommendations on tooling and the configuration of those in the technical landscape;
  • You will work with a small team reporting functionally to Release Management to ensure an efficient release process of the work produced by the Agile Delivery Unit, and continually seek ways to improve release process and move towards Continuous Delivery.


  • You are able to command respect from engineers with your extensive technical knowledge and hands-on technical expertise in Agile technologies and provide clear thought leadership.
  • You are equally happy to be hands-on in setting up/configuring/scriping as you are in coaching and leading others – knowing when „to do“ and when „to coach“, as needs dictate.
  • You want to travel across the Baltics;
  • You are passionate about DevOps and instilling a DevOps culture
  • You are capable of expressing your ideas clearly and concisely when needed, and are able to articulate your ideas visually to help engage multiple stakeholders
  • You have worked with the setup of Source Code Repositories (e.g. SVN, BitBucket, Git/Github).
  • You have setup and configured different Continuous Integration tools (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo).
  • You have experience with different environments – both in the cloud, and on-premise.
  • You have an experience of using various scripting technologies for the use in configuration management (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible) as well as container management with Docker and orchestration with tools such as Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Docker Swarm, Azure Container Service etc.
  • You understand how all the tools work together in a delivery pipelines and are able to justify the trade-offs, decisions around which tools make sense at which part of the pipeline
  • Ideally but not essential if you have some exposure to tools such as Jira and Confluence
  • You are able to influence and guide people who are not necessarily reporting to you You have an innovative mindset and ability to inspire others.
  • You have a curious mind for technologies and self-development and like to stay ahead of the changing landscape, and you know how to transpose this curiosity and know how to your team.
  • You are strong in co-ordinating activities between multiple teams and have the ability to share the big picture with others, helping to drive a strong sense of purpose across teams and clarity in the technical landscape.
  • As a „nice to have“, it would be helpful if you have experience working with IT architecture and API integration teams to seek ways of continuously improving architectural design.

What do we offer:

  • Opportunity to be an integral part of the most ambitious transformation story in European banking. We are building new values, brand and culture, replacing legacy technical infrastructure, transitioning to agile operating model, as well as moving from offline to digital. And by digital we really mean digital first, not an improved version of a brick-and-mortar offer.
  • Opportunity to participate in building a winning team - to bring your experience and point of view, as well as learn and be inspired by top minds from both, banking (Nordea, DNB, Goldman Sachs, Swedbank, SEB) and technology (Skype, Microsoft, Rocket Internet, TWINO, Microsoft, Paysera,) worlds, who are inspired by shared values – curiosity, collaboration and focus.
  • Work for and with the most advanced and demanding customers in banking, from affluent individuals to multi-national corporations.

For more information please contact (Head of Agile Delivery Unit).


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