Luminor Risk Organization, Credit Risk Management

Real Estate Appraiser

Reviews external real estate valuations, performs qualified valuations of pledged real estate and provides high level consultations for bank employees regarding real estate issues.


  • Reviewing real estate value in external valuations and quality monitoring;
  • Drawing inferences about the external real estate valuations and presenting the second opinion on the value;
  • Performing qualified valuations of pledged real estate;
  • Providing professional consultations for bank employees regarding real estate issues, advice relationship managers and credit committees in any subject related to real estate valuation;
  • Being familiar with and following up real estate valuation standards and methodology and complying with laws and regulations regarding real estate valuation and financing;
  • Keeping track of changes in supervisory legislation regarding collateral valuation;
  • Preparing, updating and improving of bank procedures related to collateral valuation;
  • Making sure that identification, classification and information of the collateral data in bank's data bases meets supervisory requirements;
  • Ensuring frequency and accuracy of collateral valuation, securing non-performing exposures and foreclosed assets;
  • Observing local real estate market, its changes and trends and be presenting this information periodically or on ad hoc basis to various parties;
  • Acting as the main contact person in communication with external evaluators.
  • Additional tasks assigned by the Local Chief Credit officer


  • Experience and/or excellent understanding of valuation
  • Adhering to principles and values
  • Applying expertise and technology
  • Initiative and high-level of responsibility 
  • Real estate evaluation licence 
  • Strong English language skills


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